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Home - our top level web page

Contact Us - used to call us, get a map to our location, or send an information request

Feedback - send us your comments about our web site, products, or services

Employment - our current job openings (if any)

Site Map - this page

About us - a general description of the company, our mission statement, background, and explanation of The DynaTech Difference

Dynamic Analysis - a listing of the types of analyses we specialize in performing
Rotor Dynamics - details regarding rotor dynamics calculations
Bearing Analysis - information on what bearing types we analyze
General FEA - a description of the general purpose FEA work we perform

Vibration Testing - a summary of the kinds of rotating machinery testing we perform
   On-Site - details regarding our on-site capabilities
   Components - a description of how we can perform component vibration tests
   Plans and Specifications - examples of how we provide testing assistance

Machine Design - a description of our machine design capabilities

Engineering Software - a summary of our software products
   FEMRDYN - our beam-element rotor dynamics analysis program
   iSTRDYN - our new product that can perform stress, thermal, and rotor dynamics calculations
   Utilities - various small programs we distribute for use in the vibration analysis community


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