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Rotor Dynamics
Bearing Analysis
General FEA
Rotor Dynamics

Although a very specialized field, the ultimate operational success of existing or planned rotating machinery is highly dependent on a proper rotor dynamics analysis.  Types of calculations we routinely perform include:

Lateral, torsional, and axial motion (full 6 degrees-of-freedom)

Damped natural frequencies

whirl maps

stability (log dec)

mode shapes (see picture)

strain energy

Forced response

steady-state & transient


linear and non-linear supports

internal loads & stresses

displacements & support loads

rotor deflected shapes

polar deflections

orbits & FFTs

Results from the calculations are displayed in graphical formats for easy interpretation.  We routinely make complete multi-shaft power train models for an entire system analysis.  This eliminates assumptions about coupling effects and provides very accurate overall response calculations.

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