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Machine Design

As mechanical engineers, part of our consulting work is designing machinery.  Once we have determined how to solve a problem, we can fabricate replacement hardware in several ways:

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Product Specification

The usual deliverable with a majority of our clients is a set of modification details so that the machinery can be corrected or designed to avoid problems.  Based on the results from our analysis, with test data correlation if possible, we will provide specific recommendations for modifying the hardware along with the expected results.  Our client then takes our specifications and makes the appropriate changes. Typical details in such a project include items such as shaft sizes, bearing locations, support stiffness values, and use of damping elements.

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Detail Drawings

For specific modifications that our client may not be familiar with, we will prepare a set of working drawings to describe the hardware changes.  These drawings are supplied to our customer using SolidWorks component and assembly drawings.  Other standard CAD formats can be provided if needed.

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Component Fabrication

Occasionally, the intricacies or complexities of a particular vibration solution require continual supervision by DynaTech throughout the design and fabrication process. We can provide such project management, and obtain finished parts from several industrial and high-accuracy suppliers. These components are delivered directly to our client for immediate use.

An example of our capabilities to design and fabricate intricate parts is displayed by the spring cage in the photograph.  This component was a retrofit into an existing turbine, which through our rotor dynamic analysis, required a specific radial stiffness.  Using our CAD and FEA tools, we designed this two piece part and worked with the machine shop to have it properly fabricated.

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Prototype Development

Several clients have relied on us to completely design and deliver specific rotating equipment.  With our capabilities to create preliminary and detail designs, we can take a concept from a rough sketch, through layouts, detail drawings, and finally into hardware.  Our offices include shop facilities for inspection, assembly, and checkout of fabricated and purchased components.  We support initial startup of the machine with our testing capabilities, and provide on-going product development services as the equipment enters into production.

Our prototype development capabilities are illustrated with the picture of our oil-free, pivoting pad, hydrostatic gas bearing (which we call the HyPad).  This bearing was successfully tested at speeds up to 90,000 rpm with excellent stability.  If you would like more information about this hardware, a copy of a technical paper describing the analysis the testing can be downloaded from the About Us page.

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