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About Us

DynaTech Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in rotating machinery analysis and testing.  Established in 1995, our clients include a wide range of industrial and aerospace organizations, including government agencies such as the Air Force, NASA, and the Navy.  We emphasize a system level combination of advanced analytical and testing techniques (see The DynaTech Difference) that results in rapid, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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Company Background:

Extensive experience performing rotor dynamic analyses on equipment from 30 rpm pumps to 175,000 rpm turbomachines producing a few hundred to 150,000 HP

Proficient vibration testing of pumps, compressors (both centrifugal and reciprocating), steam and gas turbines, wind turbines, electric motors, diesel and gas engines, fans, mixers, agitators, and gearboxes, along with limited performance measurements, all over the world

Engineering staff has over 50 years of combined rotating machinery experience, have either MS or PhD degrees, and are Registered Professional Mechanical Engineers

Accomplished developers of platform independent engineering software and technical smartphone applications

For more information about us, please ask for our Description and Qualifications brochure.

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Technical Publications:

A few of the papers we have authored that illustrate the technology we have developed and our capabilities in both analysis and testing include the following:

A Conical Beam Finite Element for Rotor Dynamics Analysis (1985) - Describes the methodology used in the FEMRDYN rotor dynamics program

Critical Speeds Resulting from Unbalance Excitation of Backward Whirl Modes (1995) - Shows how backward modes can be excited due to stiffness asymmetry

Hydrostatic Pivoted Pad Bearing for Oil-Free Turbomachinery (2001) - Describes the analysis and testing of our high speed gas bearing technology

Effective Isolation Treatment of Vertical Pumps Including Seismic Restraints (2007) - Illustrates the correct way to design and specify vibration isolators

Additional Investigations into the Natural Frequencies and Critical Speeds of a Rotating, Flexible Shaft-Disk System (2007) - Another look at disk flexibility, this time showing there can be significant reductions in critical speeds.  Calculations were made with the iSTRDYN program, and the paper discusses the methodology used in the code.

These papers are in Adobe PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, view, and print.

What is the
DynaTech Difference?
By combining analysis results with test data, we offer an extremely cost-effective approach to solving vibration problems, providing our clients with the following benefits:
Better Solutions
A properly correlated analytical model of a problem machine will show predominate vibration characteristics, which can be used to determine the most direct and expedient solutions
Virtual Prototypes
Analytically predicted response can be used to compare the effectiveness of proposed solutions prior to any hardware modifications, referred to as "virtual prototyping"
We avoid the use of "educated guesses" to determine the best fix.  Our combined analysis and testing approach produces accurate and predictable solutions to all types of vibration problems, compared to the traditional "cut-and-try" methods, saving both time and money.


One of our customers, a Chief Engineer at a gas turbine manufacturer, says, "DynaTech Engineering provided dependably accurate engineering information and solutions to technically diverse, challenging and complex problem statements in a timely manner."  Wouldn't you prefer to have a company like that working for you?


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