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On-Site Testing
Component Testing
Plans and Specifications
On-Site Testing

Obtaining meaningful and accurate test data can be extremely difficult, and requires in-depth knowledge of machine function and use of test equipment.  Our on-site testing services include:

Creation of test plans that define data acquisition procedures, required instrumentation, measurement locations, and operating conditions based on problem descriptions or specifications.

Rapid and accurate acquisition of both dynamic and static data using our high performance, multi-channel notebook computer based Test.Lab measurement system from LMS, capable of handling 20 signals up to 50 kHz.  All of this equipment is portable and can be used anywhere in the world.  We can provide the following types of measurements:

  Acceleration, velocity, or displacement

   Shaft motion using proximity probes

   Torsional displacement

   Shaft torque

   Static and dynamic strain

  Static and dynamic pressure

  Acoustic intensity and sound pressure levels

  Shaft speed

  Mass flow rates of gases and liquids

Using this equipment, we perform tests for:

   Troubleshooting and diagnosis of machinery faults

   Acceptance of new or refurbished equipment

   Validation of analytical predictions

   Verification of expected performance

Results from these tests are provided to clients in comprehensive reports, not just a data dump, that provides specific recommendations to resolve problems.  Please ask for an example of a test report.

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