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In addition to our main analysis programs FEMRDYN and iSTRDYN, we also offer two utility programs:

BAFLER (BAlancing of FLExible Rotors):

For balancing a multi-plane rotor at several speeds, BAFLER determines correction values using a least-squares weighting factor approach.  Program features include:

Multiple correction planes, with provision for handling initial weights

Multiple sensor planes, with capability to subtract initial runout values

Multiple balance speeds

Tabular input of all balancing data

Complete listings of all input and calculated quantities

Graphical display of response and corrections:

Runout (if any) at each sensor

Initial response at each speed and sensor

Trial response at each speed and sensor

Predicted response at each speed and sensor

Initial weights (if any) at each correction plane

Calculated weights at each correction plane

Export of all listings and plotted quantities

All input quantities saved to XML file

Platform independent (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac)

BAFLER is designed to allow quick data entry and easy review of all input and calculated quantities.  There is no limit to the number of speeds, correction planes, or sensors, allowing very large systems to be balanced.  For more information about this program, including pricing, please contact us.

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Integration Routines:

As a service to the engineering community, we are making available two different Java programs that integrate a system of first order differential equations. We use the algorithms in our rotor dynamics codes.  The programs are contained in a WinZip file, with the following contents:

A Java source file with the integration done entirely with double arrays

A Java source file with the integration performed using JAMA (Java Matrix Algebra)

An Excel spreadsheet that plots the displacements (as shown in figure)

A text file that lists the results from using doubles and JAMA

Both source files integrate a 2 DOF spring-mass problem by converting the 2nd order system to first order.  You may use these codes free of charge, as long as you agree to the following:

1. You give credit to DynaTech Engineering as the original author.

2. You assume all liability for use of the software.

To download these programs, click here.


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