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iSTRDYN is a state-of-the-art rotating machinery mechanical design and analysis program based on two dimensional finite element theory.  Some of the key features in this program are:

2D axisymmetric, harmonic finite elements with combined radial, axial, and tangential motion

Direct import of CAD files for model building

Standard support representations along with embedded rolling element and fluid film bearing mechanics

Combined steady and transient rotor dynamics, heat transfer, and stress analysis

Intuitive, integrated graphical interface with desktop, network, and Internet versions

Specific capabilities in iSTRDYN are:

Easy creation of geometrically accurate models

Models closely represent actual rotor cross-sections

Mesh defined from points & lines (from CAD file if available) or directly by specifying nodes & elements

Input and output have specific units - English, SI-meters, SI-millimeters

Advanced 2D axisymmetric harmonic elements with unlimited problem size

Axial and radial motion inherently coupled - true disk flexibility effects

Great for thin, tapered structures and overhung/cantilevered features

Solutions for zeroth and first order harmonics automatically calculated and combined

Includes plain stress elements to directly represent bladed sections

Rotor dynamics with heat transfer and stress

Nodal temperatures solved before dynamics - accurate material properties for modes & forced response

Heat transfer boundary conditions can be speed & time dependent

Damped natural frequencies including modal strain & kinetic energy

Forced response includes unbalance, asynchronous, maneuver, and time-dependent loads

Nodal stresses available from all forced response solutions

Linear and non-linear supports

Standard speed dependent linear connections (stiffness, damping, and mass coefficients vs speed)

Non-linear force-displacement for tip rubs and deadband (axial, radial, and tangential forces)

Nodal constraints

Frequency response functions in future release

Embedded fluid film and rolling element bearing mechanics

Specify geometry and lubricant, program determines deflection at bearing iteratively

Rolling element model considers ball and roller bearings, solves hertzian contact with traction effects

Fluid film model includes journal bearings, squeeze films, tilt pads, and hydrostatic bearings

Complete set of graphical displays and text listings

Geometry, deformed, and contour plots

Complete user control of boundary conditions and load displays

Whirl maps, stability maps, and mode shapes

Nodal displacements, support loads, and temperatures versus speed or time

Mode shapes and deformed mesh can be animated (and exported)

Time histories, orbits, and FFT spectra

General and context-sensitive help system

All plots and listings can be saved in standard graphics or text files

Model, material properties, and lubricants imported/exported using XML files

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For substantially more information on iSTRDYN, including examples, FAQs, and downloading instructions, please click here to go to the program web site

To download the paper describing the methodology used in iSTRDYN, go to About Us


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