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Engineering Software

To support our analysis activities, we have developed a complete set of rotor dynamics computer codes that are available for commercial use.  General descriptions of these programs are as follows:

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FEMRDYN (Finite Element Multi-shaft Rotor DYNamics)

A contemporary conical beam finite element analysis program

Solves for damped natural frequencies and forced response (speed and time dependent)

Linear, non-linear, squeeze-films, and magnetic bearings

Platform independent with user friendly graphical interface

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iSTRDYN (integrated Stress Thermal Rotor DYNamics)

State-of-the-art axisymmetric (2D) finite element analysis program

Complete rotor dynamics with heat transfer and stresses

Embedded rolling element and fluid film bearing mechanics, as well as standard supports

Desktop, LAN, and Internet versions

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Multi-speed, multi-plane flexible rotor balancing (BAFLER)

Java-based explicit differential equation integrators

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For more information on any of this software, click on the names or one of the submenu items

Did You Know...

Most rotor dynamics programs (except iSTRDYN) use one-dimensional beam theory and cannot predict disk flexibility effects?

Latest Versions
FEMRDYN - 3.9.1

iSTRDYN - 1.2.1

BAFLER - 1.0.2

All users should be running these versions (check with Help\About menu item in each code)

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