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FEMRDYN is a modern finite element rotor dynamics analysis program based on the 1985 conical beam theory of Greenhill, Bickford, and Nelson.  Some of the key features in this program are:

6 Degrees-of-Freedom analysis (axial, torsional, and lateral)

Linear and non-linear supports, including squeeze films and magnetic bearings

Damped natural frequency and forced response calculations (steady and transient)

Platform independent graphical interface with a complete set of plots and listings

Specific capabilities in FEMRDYN are:

Rapid model generation

Graphical interface or import free-form data file

Displays linked to data tables

All data and results have specific units - English, SI-meters, SI-millimeters

Conical beam elements with unlimited problem size

Nodes independent of segment geometry

Shaft elements and subelements automatically created from node locations and segment geometry

Separate mass and stiffness representations (mass geometry different from stiffness)

Multiple shaft capabilities

Represent multiple rotor systems or interaction with structure

No limit on number of shafts or layers

Shafts labeled with user-defined titles (see mode shape above)

Linear and non-linear supports

Standard speed dependent linear connections

Non-linear force-displacement for tip rubs and deadband

Squeeze films (long and short)

All supports identified with user specified labels

Integral, state-of-the-art magnetic bearing model

Includes frequency dependent sensors, controllers, amplifiers, and actuators

Both heteropolar and homopolar actuator models

Modal and forced response results

Damped natural frequencies including modal strain energy

Unbalance, frequency, maneuver, and time-dependent loads

Complete set of graphical displays and text listings

Geometry and schematic diagrams

Rotor properties including mass, flexural rigidity, unbalance distribution

Whirl maps, stability maps, and mode shapes

Nodal displacements, support loads, internal loads, system response shapes

Time histories and orbits

General and context-sensitive help system

Most graphical displays provide options for user customization

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To download additional information on FEMRDYN, click here

To download the paper describing the methodology used in FEMRDYN, go to About Us


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